Hot off the Press! Former St Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker’s New Book

Do you live in St Pete? Maybe you should read this book!

By Emily Zobanov, our guest writer

Seamless City by Rick Backer is now available on Amazon

The Seamless City:

 A Conservative Mayor’s Approach to Urban Revitalization that Could Work Anywhere is now available on  The book is divided into two sections.  The first reveals Baker’s views on how to plan a great city.  Baker shares his perspective on a variety of city-related concerns: jobs, homelessness, public safety, etc.  The second part focuses on the mayoral duties.  Interspersed throughout are Baker’s conservative philosophies and aspects of his Christian faith.

At first glance, a book about how to manage a city seems dry.  Without yet having read the book, however, the descriptions I have come across so far make it sound quite compelling.  The editorial review on Amazon’s describes it as follows:

Rick Baker, the former St Pete mayor

In The Seamless City you’ll step behind the scenes of city government to learn


– How maintaining basic amenities, like running water, requires constant vigilance—and sometimes tough decisions on the part of city leadership
– Why a vibrant downtown is essential to attract businesses and create jobs
– Why the most effective leadership is servant leadership
– How to find and implement the most effective solutions to a city’s most challenging problems
– Why city government needs to regard the city as a seamless whole, with no section under-served or overlooked

I take my running water for granted so finding out what exactly it takes to make it happen every time is fascinating.  Ok, maybe not fascinating.  But good reading.  Of course, I’m naturally curious about my own city.  If this book was written by the mayor of Tallahassee or some other place I might not be so eager to read it.  Having said that, it seems plausible that Baker wrote the book primarily for people whose jobs actually involve running a city as opposed to just living in it.  The reviews, on the conservative end at least, are sparkling thus far.  As a not-publicly-employed person, I hope I can add my own positive review soon.

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