What Is PITI?

What is PITI?16328299-be-sure-to-pay-the-home-mortgage-on-time

Sometimes pronounced “pity” this acronym describes the four parts of a basic monthly mortgage payment:

  1. P – Principal – The price you paid for your home divided by how many months your payment is stretched out
  2. I – Interest – The interest rate you pay each month for the loan on the principal.
  3. T – Taxes – The annual property taxes, minus any allowable deductions, divided by 12 months. (Learn more about Florida’s property tax exemptions as a way to lower your monthly mortgage payment)
  4. I – Insurance – The annual insurance premium, divided by 12 months

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Contributing Blogger –  Barb Wolter


  1. For the insurance in PITI that is going to include home as well as flood correct? And where is would PMI go if you don’t put down your 20%?

    • You are correct. The flood insurance will be calculated in your PITI as part of your overall insurance escrow. If you put less than 20% down, your PMI or MI (mortgage insurance premium), goes to a 3rd party mortgage insurer chosen by your lender. Once your loan to value drops below 78% you should request that your lender drop the PMI /MI on your loan.

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