High-End Short Sales In Tampa Bay

Luxury Short Sales In St Pete and Tampa Bay

For some people the term “high-end short sale” sounds like an oxymoron.  There are definitely more lower and middle price range short sale listings in St Petersburg and all Tampa Bay market.  Typically the homes that are considered luxury start at a $500k price point.  Some real estate companies like RE/MAX even have special luxury “for sale” signs designed for such listings.  While the inventory of the high-end homes listed under distressed circumstances has significantly dwindled in numbers, there are still nearly 150 homes in that category listed as short sales in Tampa Bay.  And about 30 additional luxury Bank-Owned (REO) homes are currently offered for sale as active listings.

During the past year we’ve seen lenders adjusting and fine-tuning their short sale handling systems.  The banks also do not like to sit on the million-dollar listings and often work with the seller and buyer to get the sale done.  Well, often, but not always and within reason (bank’s reason… not yours!).

What It Takes To Close A Short Sale

One of the major components of a successfully closed short sale transaction is the supervision of the logistics process.  Yes, a Realtor is very often as good as their management skills.  Coordinating appraisals, BPOs, inspections, lender-buyer-seller communication together with a smooth flow of documentation is not easy.  The seller has to be cooperative as much as possible, since their lender(s) will often request updated information, tax records, pay stubs, bank statements, hardship letter and more.  No worries, we can help you with this.  A good agent must know how to manage a real estate transaction and even more so if it’s a short sale.

As a team we’ve close short sales anywhere from $30,000 to several million dollars.  The Home Team works like a smooth mechanism where each member knows their role.  Being a part of the most successful firm in the Tampa Bay Area, RE/MAX Metro, helps up keeping our standard of service high and our clients happy.

I don’t mean to dismiss the fact that short sales can be very stressful and frustrating.  But if you as a seller follow our instructions and cooperate with the sale, we can help you sell and move-on with your life in the shortest amount of time and with least consequences.
Do you live in a big house or condo that’s now over your head?  Owe so much and way upside-down on your home that you think you can never get out?  Way behind on your payments?  Feel desperate?  Our services won’t cost you anything and our consultation is free. Call us right now: 727-644-3370 or email: [email protected] and we’ll tell you what your options are.  No obligations.

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