Celebrities And Famous Who Call Tampa Bay Home

Celebrities And Famous Who Call Tampa Bay Home

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Oh, Tampa Bay!  What a beautiful place!  “Snow birds” love you, tourists from all over United States embrace you with joy and foreign visitors come to your white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and free beer (well, not so free any more) at Busch Gardens.  

But Tampa Bay is not only an amazing vacation place but also a home to many celebrities.  Several sport arenas, like Raymond James Stadium, the home of the Tampa Bay Bucs, Tropicana Field where Tampa Bay Rays play and Times Forum, the homes of the Lightning, are all located in Tampa Bay and are a delight to locals and visitors.  It’s no surprise so many athletes and sport related stars call Tampa Bay their home. So who are they?


Hulk Hogan (Terry Gene Bolea) resides in Belleair.  By the way, his house is for sale now for $10.9m!  Did you know he’s also good at baseball and can rock out on a bass guitar?  Tampa was a hotbed for professional wrestling and today several wrestlers live here.  To name a few: Joannie Laurer “Chyna” (actually lives in Sarasota, but close enough, heh!), Randy “Macho Man” Savage (Randy Poffo) resides in Treasure Island and Paul Wight “The Big Show” lives in Odessa.


Tony Dungy (NFL coach), one of the best coaches and just a great guy all around, lives in Tampa, FL.  Of course, John Gruden (NFL Coach) also lives in Tampa.  Derek Jeter’s (MLB Player) home is in Tampa.  Monica Seles (Pro Tennis player) and Martina Navratilova (Pro Tennis Player) live in Sarasota.  Ivan Lendl (Former Pro Tennis Player) lives in Bradenton and Jennifer Capriati (Pro Tennis Player) calls home Wesley Chapel (Tampa Area).

Besides athletes there are few other celebrities that live in the area.

Stephen King (Author) resides in Sarasota/Casey Key.  Ocala technically is not Tampa Bay, but it’s hard not to mention that John Travolta lives here, since I’m a big fan!  If you are into rock’n’roll you might want to know that Brian Johnson (Singer- AC/DC) also lives in Sarasota and Marty Balin (Rock Musician) in Tampa.

I also, should mention that Billy Mays (RIP), famous for his TV advertisements used to live in Tampa.

Did I miss a few?  Please, comment and let us know who else should’ve been mentioned here.

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